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How to Capitalize on Changes in Consumer Expectations with UGC

In this article we’ll be looking at what you must do to take advantage of the changing attitudes and expectations of consumers due to societal and technological changes.

Don’t worry, that sentence is a bit wordy, but it’s really not as complicated as it sounds.

The actions you need to take, using user-generated content (UGC) as the driving force, are simple, and will have a hugely beneficial effect on your brands marketing efforts.

Just 30 years ago, the idea of hundreds of photographs of your meals stored on your mobile phone to send to friends would be absurd. Now it’s an everyday occurrence, and the idea of a phone without a camera would be laughed at by most people.

Changes in technology influence society’s expectations and thus those of your consumers. You MUST evolve with this or you run the risk of going the way of Kodak.

But how is this relevant to UGC and more importantly, to you?

It is related to something we wrote about in an earlier article, Google Shopping: Automated Feed Management & Optimization regarding the increasing use of visual content over that which is text-based.

Images outperform text-only content, and video performs better still, and according to Hubspot, 72% of consumers prefer video content to text-based.

But why is this?

Life in the modern world is instant, food, coffee, WiFi, whatever you care to name. Any slight delay and people are furious! This change in expectations can influence consumer behaviour, maybe the user does not want to read paragraphs of text about your amazing new product, a better use of your resources (both money and time) would be to invest in creating and publishing visual content as this has a much higher likelihood of converting users.

So produce the type of content your consumers want to see, that which is more likely to convert them, it will have a tremendous effect on important KPI’s such as ROI, ROAS, CPA etc. Why? Because you are presenting a highly converting content to your consumers. The benefits are clear, UGC is a must.


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