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How to stay ahead of trends with Pinterest Predicts 2022

Probably one of the key success factors on Pinterest is planning. For example, if a company manages to organise its content and launch it at the right time, it can increase its brand recognition tenfold and even increase online sales by 22%.

Every year, the social network publishes Pinterest Predicts. A study that reflects the trending topics based on the dominant and rising searches of more than 400 million users worldwide.

According to Pinterest, "Our data is not a retrospective overview or a summary of what's already trending, but a predictive view of what will be trending in 2022 in home, beauty, fashion, food, wellness, parenting, travel, design and more".

In fact, 8 out of 10 trends that appeared in the last edition of the report, Pinterest Predicts 2021, came true. And, surely this is due to the platform's core purpose: inspiration, visual discovery and planning.

Before you consider How to start with Pinterest Ads campaigns for eCommerce  don't miss out on the platform's trends for 2022.

Pinterest Predicts 2022


The importance of trends on Pinterest

As we have discussed in previous articles, Pinterest has more than 459 million monthly active users and approximately 30% annual growth. As a result, it has become the leading platform for visual discovery and inspiration.
In this context, a trend report such as Pinterest Predicts can be of particular importance for advertisers to detect trending topics and reach their target audience in advance.
These searches also allow brands to know trends in advance in order to create strategies. With more than 80% of the platform's users having larger shopping carts compared to other platforms and the majority of users aiming to plan their purchases through the content they see on the platform, you should consider Pinterest for your business.
In 2021, 80% of the predictions of Pinterest Predicts 2021 came true. The platform has proven to have a high power to stay ahead of trends and position itself as the place where trends rise the fastest and last the longest. 
Let's look at an example. One of the themes that Pinterest predicted for 2021 was "fire it up!" and one of its trends was "jalapeño jam recipe". In the graph below, we can see how the trend catapults during the first 6 months.

trend graph


Top Pinterest trends in 2022

In addition to themes and trends, the annual Pinterest Predicts report also includes demographic information through which great opportunities arise for creators and advertisers on the platform. Let's take a look at the top favourite trends for each generation this year.

Generation Z

According to Pinterest Predicts, Generation Z will explore new horizons and go for untraditional trends, for example:

  • The "Jewel Body". An emerging trend characterised by glitter and non-traditional accessories: jewellery, crystals in the teeth or make-up with lots of glitter.

  • The "Hellenistic return". Design inspired by Ancient Greece and Olympus is back: from Corinthian objects to wallpaper inspired by Aphrodite.

  • The "revolt of the cuts". We say goodbye to discreet cuts and soft layers and make way for styles like bobbed wigs.

Jewel body


Millennials will reinvent themselves 

Luxury and detail will be key for millennials to find ways to elevate their everyday.

  • "Pearl-fection". Pearl tones are the new white. Pearl will emerge from its ostracism and conquer homes, dresses and even wedding décor.

  • "Luxury without limits". It will be a trend mainly focused on home decoration, the forgotten spaces of the houses will be filled with ostentatious and luxurious shapes. 

  • "Elegance". The focus will be on embracing nocturnal luxury with fabrics such as satin and silk, both for bedding and sleepwear.

  • "Watches". All kinds of timepieces will take the new season by storm; large-scale watches for interior design, jewellery watches and men's wristwatches.

Generation X focuses on aesthetics

In 2022, Generation X will focus on design and aesthetics with these trends:

  • "Store aesthetics". This year, Pinterest will be used for inspiration to design the aesthetics of stores - from window displays and signage to layout.

  • "In praise of curves". The world of design will be bursting with curves. Especially in decoration, curvilinear pieces of all kinds will be on display.

Boomers will finally find their style

Finally, boomers will discover their most authentic and variable selves. They will try and discover new horizons through prints and colours.

  • "Checkered world". This year's design is all about squares, mosaics and geometric dimensions.

  • "Dopaminic fashion". Less is more is no longer "in fashion". More is more is the new fashion. More extreme colours, multicolour palettes... 

  • "Oh my goth". 2022 will be the Gothic renaissance, not only in fashion but also in home decoration.

oh my goth

Tips to bring these trends to life

Now that you know the top trends that Pinterest predicts will be booming in 2022, let's look at how you as an advertiser can take advantage of them.

  • If you are a beauty brand use the format of collection ads to explore new hairstyles or showcase products to use on them.

  • Another option for beauty brands could be to offer make-up tutorials with video ads showing how to put the gems in the hair through hairstyle tips, natural products, accessories...

  • If you are a fashion brand, you can segment your audience to reach people looking to define their own style. Use bold colours, leather or an asymmetrical hemline; unleash the Greek chic style; highlight your necklaces, earrings, rings and other antique-inspired accessories...

  • For a home décor or home-related brand, you can use video tutorial ads to show users how to incorporate rounded elements into their homes with curved sofas or circular bedside tables.

  • If you are an event brand, take inspiration from Greece this year. Suggest the country as a wedding destination or recreate Mediterranean style with togas or busts.

Knowing the themes and search trends for 2022 can help guide your brand's Pinterest Ads strategy and align with your brand's interests. Don't miss the full report prepared by Pinterest.


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