Product Matching, label images of your products that you collect from your users

Product Matching, label images of your products that you collect from your users

Detect all the images containing your brand that users upload to the internet. Label them with the products from your catalogue and then, compile the images on your website to create a shortcut to the purchase funnel. Get the most benefit from User-Generated Content (UGC) to increase your sales. We explain how, with Product Matching from Visual Commerce:

Did you know that using UGC increases web conversions by about 26%? (Crowdtap and global Ipsos); or that 85% consider that UGC visuals have more influence than content created by the actual brand? (OfferPop). Or another significant fact is that 48% rely on UGC to discover new products.

The function we present is designed to offer a valuable proposal for the above performance. And, in fact, it reduces the conversion path for the user.

How does it work?

1. Detects User-Generated Content

It identifies your users’ most relevant images which contain your brand. Beyond hashtags or localisations the Visual Commerce Software extract and identifies the brand which appears on the images using Deep learning, an Artificial Intelligence full innovation field. Moreover, you can even create your own filters: by number of persons, objects or the appearance of logos. Thanks to the technology used, the software will permanently improve your searches. You will find more information on the Visual Commerce Platform page.

2. Label your products

Upload your product catalogue through an almost automatic process (our software accepts many more formats than Facebook). Then, relate the items to each UCG image detected.

3. Boost the Authentic Content in order to influence purchasing decisions

Amplify your users’ images on your website. Automatically export the most memorable UGC image, with labelled products, and create a new direct sales channel. The Gallery is a display of images from your most loyal users, which will boost engagement with your client base and, as a consequence, sales. Avoid numerous clicks to reach your product page by purchasing from the gallery. A much more emotional and versatile purchasing process.

Product Matching & Gallery Product Matching & Gallery

TOP features of the Gallery

Analyse the Gallery

On the Analytics page, you will identify the most engaging & performing content.

Catalogues always updated

Configure your catalogues so that they update whenever you need them to. Always have availability and price up to date.

How does Product Matching differ from its competitors?

If you are hesitating between various platforms, a key point for you to consider is the treatment of catalogues.

There are normally 2 types of catalogues:

  1. Basic: containing all the products offered by the brand.
  2. Multiple: a specific feed by country, where each one has different characteristics. For example: language, description, currency, availability…

Product Matching, labels the images only with the product’s generic ID. And then cross references the images with the multiple catalogues. This way, you considerably streamline the matching process to only 1 feed. For example, if an international fashion brand has e-commerce available in 15 countries. By only pairing the product and image once, it has created the relation for all its catalogues.

Who is it useful for?

For any e-commerce on any level, any brand that has a product feed. It is particularly useful for Travel & Retail as a way of differentiating yourself from the high levels of competitors.

Product Matching is designed as a SaaS service, although it can also be managed by the specialist Adsmurai team. For this reason, it does not require any advanced technological knowledge for its use.

Next steps

In the next F8 we will have some surprises. More technology, more functions, more applications. To stay informed, register for the monthly newsletter.

Where do I begin?

If you want to know more, or if you want a demo, write to us here, and we will contact you.

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