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Tik Tok: Top Speed

More than a long-distance race, the Tik Tok trajectory can be understood as a sprint. A constant viralization according to current expansion times.

Since Bytone, the Tik Tok management company, acquired Musically in 2017, the number of users and downloads have been accumulating highlight after highlight. Passing in one single year to be the most downloaded App in the US (one of the markets that best reflects the muscle of a platform), to consolidate in 2020 as the main objective of all brands.

At Adsmurai we started working with Tik Tok in 2019 launching the first campaigns for our client Bershka.


The Added Value

Tik Tok has a very active and motivated community, mostly in the age group of 14-21 years, whose objective is to be part of a group. Being present in the "Challenges", joining to viralize causes and memes, above their individual participation.

In addition, the platform has a very simple operation allowing you to upload tons of videos that stand out, at the same time, with very elaborate customization and editing: the filter possibilities are practically endless. If you want to learn more about Tik Tok's value, check ultimate guides to TikTok.


Campaigns with Tik Tok

With the expansion of Tik Tok confirmed in the Spanish market, (+ 17M users with an average of 53 minutes of permanence in the app) the next step is the opening a Business center to manage campaigns and brand needs.

Tik Tok Ads  

Tik Tok for Business

Said and done, a few days ago Tik Tok presented Tik Tok for Business officially. It is worth mentioning that we have been launching campaigns since 2019 with Adsmurai being the platform in Beta phase.

Now that the rollout of its Business center has been extended, we will tell you some details and our experience with Tik Tok.


Bershka Campaign


Tik Tok for Business has 3 objectives for all accounts: "Conversions", "Traffic" and "Apps Installs". Three pure performance goals. There are also targets for "Reach" and "Views", but still in beta, and, at the moment, without the possibility of dynamic ads via catalog. Regarding the campaign structure, it runs the usual model of: Campaign> Ad Group> Ad.


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Pull & Bear Campaign

Regarding to the Ad groups and their segmentation, it is possible to use “Custom audiences” or “Lookalike audiences” (similar to Facebook) via the platform's own pixel, in addition to the usual segmentations of gender, location, ages and some interests provided by the platform. In our experience with Tik Tok we have been able to verify the versatility and good performance of the platform. Both in vertical fashion with Bershka or Pull & Bear, but also in education with EAE or tourism with Alsa, they have achieved satisfactory results. Not only in their core ages (+13, +16), also in older audiences (+24) they have a remarkable performance.


It is important to have in mind that we must use correctly the platform according to the guidelines. Forget about using the content of the IG stories, or recycling a copy of Twitter. Tik Tok requires a very specific style and tone: quick changes, compressed information, powerful music. Adapting to Tik Tok is key, users are not tolerant with intruders.

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