Fast and effective impressions in TikTok

Fast and effective impressions in TikTok

A few months ago we were talking about the top speed that TikTok took during the lockdown and we were not wrong. It has recently reached 100 million active users per month in Europe, consolidating itself as the global, multi-generational, multi-targeted entertainment application. Among other things, it means that it is a platform that inspires all age groups by fulfilling its mission: to inspire creativity and bring joy.

With a discovery-optimized interface it is an optimal terrain for brands to meet their marketing objectives, as the user is participatory and open to new ideas. This allows brands to create Full Funnel (discovery, research and purchase) solutions within the platform, which has made TikTok an essential part of marketing strategies for large events and buying moments, especially in retail.
With the limitations of the current pandemic, TikTok is the platform where your brand should be to create a fast and effective impression on your target audience. It is the ultimate platform for creating environment and during this holiday season it will be an important source of community and connection. 
Have you met the platform in depth? These are 8 conclusions that we highlight from the report elaborated by Walnut Unlimited and TikTok Business about the purchasing behavior and trends on the platform, they can be really useful for you during the Christmas campaign!

  1. 75% of the respondents agree that the main reason for using TikTok is to be entertained with creative content.

  2. Session times and user participation are high, in fact in the UK it reached 14.7%. Find out how we helped Stradivarius achieve an average play time of 14.02 seconds and a 16.21% participation rate in TikTok.

  3. 42% of respondents use TikTok to discover new things.

  4. The advertising content created by the brands does not interrupt the user, since both In-Feed and Top View ads maintain part of the platform's native style.

  5. The transmission of videos in the user feed "For you" is constantly updated through an algorithm according to personal interests and tastes surprising the user (discovering and inspiring).
  6. Trends and challenges are a great opportunities for brands to share their message with the public and get them involved. The engagement rate reaches 8.7%.

  7. Respondents define the platform with two words: positive and stimulating.
  8. 67% of respondents say that TikTok has made them look at brands they would never have looked at before.

It is clear that entertainment drives the user to discover and buy products. Before we start launching campaigns on TikTok, let's review the main ad solutions you will find on the platform:

    • TopView
      Where does it appear? On the "For you" page.
      What is its format? It is a vertical video and 5 to 60 seconds in full screen.

    • In-Feed Ads
      Where does it appear? Premium and brand safe location is the first thing users see when they open the application.
      What format does it have? It is a vertical video from 5 to 60 seconds in full screen and with sound activated.

    • Branded Hashtag
      Where does it appear? There are several routes, such as a banner on the discovery page or a campaign hashtag.
      What format does it have? It is a 6-day campaign, in one or several markets, driven by user-generated content and complemented by a TopView ad and an In-Feed ad.

branded hashtag mockup

    • Brand Effects
      Where does it appear? Available to the user within TikTok's effect repertoire.
      What is its format? It's a custom and branded 2D, 3D or AR (Augmented Reality) effect.

brand effects mockup

Do you want to know which is the best option for your marketing strategy?

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