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Main benefits of combining Inbound Marketing & Google Ads

The advantages of launching PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns as part of an inbound marketing strategy are two-way. On one side, we avoid having to wait to start seeing results and, on the other, we improve the effectiveness of outbound campaigns (PPC), since the strategies are more personalized.

There are different types of PPC campaigns compatible with inbound marketing, let's get to know the Google Ads case in depth.


Why merge Inbound Marketing strategies with Google Ads?

In previous articles we explain how Google Ads uses the bidding model to position your paid search ads in the browser. Based on all the information entered, the Ads platform awards the most relevant positions to the highest bidder.

It is an amazing tool for those companies looking to increase brand awareness and traffic, taking their digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Some of the characteristics of Google Ads compared to other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter are:

  1. Campaign creation is faster and results are instantaneous.
  2. Fantastic exposure in the largest search engine results on the Internet.
  3. Ads have grown in size and are becoming more attractive.
  4. It allows you to measure results and maintain control of expenses.
  5. You pay per click to your website, with the most competitive industries having a higher cost.
  6. There’s a set up for the campaign that allows you to stop the ads when the budget is spent.

Let’s explore some benefits of investing in Google Ads PPC strategies in depth.


Fast Ad creation, fast results

The effect of Google Ads is practically instantaneous. Before creating and launching your campaign, it is advisable to do a little keyword research, decide on your budget, set a goal, and some ad groups. It's also important to write short but direct ad copy to increase effectiveness.

By activating the pixel, a large amount of user data can be collected very quickly. The pixel is the best way to see what happens when traffic is generated to your website. In this way we will be able to measure the results and draw conclusions in order to have full control of the ads.


More exposure in search results, better reach.

Google Ads offers the opportunity to appear on the first page of the largest search engine on the Internet when users are actively searching. Did you know that every day 1 billion people type and make a total of 3 billion searches?

Thanks to the combination of Google Ads and inbound marketing techniques, we achieve a greater impact of the campaigns due to the suitability of the content we disseminate.

Google Ads is a great way to reach your target audience, increase your online presence, and drive conversions.

Contact us to discover more advantages of launching Google Ads campaigns!


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