Google Ads and Inbound Marketing

Google Ads and Inbound Marketing

In the following article we highlight the main pros to combine Inbound Marketing strategies and Google Ads.

Inbound + Google

The rule “If it’s not online, it doesn’t exist” has become stronger during the pandemic. Nowadays the consumer is actively looking on the Internet everything he needs to buy. During a lot of time business have survived without online advertising, but things have changed.
Google Ads are one of the options to take into consideration for those businesses that want to grow in this new context.
It's a useful tool to reach the target, grow online awareness and generate conversations through PPC campaigns mixed with an Inbound Marketing strategy.


Broadly speaking...

Some qualities of Google Ads versus other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter are:

    • Easy campaign creation and instant results
    • Great exposure in the results of the largest search engine on the Internet.
    • Ads have increased in size and are becoming more attractive.
    • Measure results and keep expense control.
    • Pay per click on your website. The most competitive industries have a higher cost.
    • When the budget is over, the ads stop.

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