TikTok: Privacy and personalized ads

TikTok: Privacy and personalized ads

Available in 150 markets and 75 languages, TikTok has managed to become one of the most popular apps year after year since it went viral in 2018. It is the leading destination for the short video format and its mission since it was created has been none other than to inspire creativity and spread joy. 


In addition to its mission, there are two other values that TikTok is prioritizing: transparency and security.
The platform constantly develops privacy policies and advertising products that ensure the protection of brands and user data. With each update, brands can tell their stories more securely and user data is more protected.
Following in this line of privacy, let's look at two new features this spring in the app.

TikTok to more personalized ads

One of the new features has been the personalization of campaigns based on the user's activity in the application. Since April, TikTok has made it possible to launch campaigns based on the content they interact with. In other words, in addition to the possibility of displaying creative content it is now also possible to reach the right users at the right time.
Some of the in-app activities that TikTok takes into account as a result of this change are videos that the user has liked or ads with which they have interacted.
Personalized ads impact users based on the data TikTok has about them. Advertisers with access to third-party data. In an environment that is increasingly respectful of third-party data, companies can use that information to find potential consumers interested in a particular product or service. 
This change is likely related to the impact of iOS14 on digital marketing strategies that will require having users' permission to use their data before impacting them with any campaign.
For that reason, TikTok seeks to ensure the security of user data and create a personalized experience that will allow only meaningful connections between users and brands.
User privacy is one of the most important aspects for TikTok. This change, implemented automatically, can be adjusted by the user from the app's Safety Center with the option to retrieve generic ad settings.
safety center tiktok
Settings for personalized ads


Easier lead generation campaigns

Another example of privacy can be seen in the second new feature we want to highlight, the new lead generation tool. A new facility offered by TikTok to companies so that they can reach users more easily and easily drive conversion.
It is a "first-party" solution in which companies can share details and information about products and services that may be of interest to users. 
In fact, the first test in Spain of this new solution has been a success. Nina Ricci, through In-Feed Ads, launched the first TikTok sampling campaign in Spain with the aim of generating leads and promoting its latest fragrance.
The campaign exceeded all expectations, providing Nina Ricci with unprecedented levels of access to potential customers for a new product. In fact, the increase in conversion rate was over 41%! Don't miss Nina Ricci's case study: Promoting the launch of Nina Ricci's new fragrance Nina Rose.
Nina Ricci Leads

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