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Best practices to leverage your Dynamic Creatives performance

We are facing a new digital environment where the user is exposed daily to thousands of advertising impacts, with dynamic and attractive ads that seek to attract their attention. 


In order to avoid ad fatigue and make your ads effective, we have gathered the creative recommendations of our main partners to make your creatives powerful and adapted to each platform.


Google Ads

Google is one of the main browsers worldwide and taking it into account in your marketing strategies is key, especially if your goal is to convert. To improve the performance of your ads and make your creatives effective, take into account these 5 specifications about your Display Ads.  

  1. Make sure your logo and brand name appear clearly. Avoid low resolution images, using too much text, collages or excessive white space. Take a look at the Google Ads ratios for 2021.

  2. Describe your brand simply in the Ad headline and description. Do not use generic messages or more than 80 characters.

  3. Highlight prices, promotions and other exclusive offers to help the user make decisions.

  4. Prepare the responsive version of Display Ads so they automatically adjust to the device on which the user views it: mobile, desktop or tablet.

  5. Redirect the user to a relevant landing page according to the call-to-action used in the Ad.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

There are a variety of Facebook ad formats (whether video, image or text-only) so you can reach your audience in the way that best aligns with your strategy's goals. Still, here are some general tips that you should not overlook before launching your campaign:

  1. The ads appear in the user's feed. Instead of just showing the product, show people using it.   

  2. Images with less text have more impact, as they give more importance to details. Also, try to have a single focus. If you need to include more information, consider using a carousel or a video.

  3. Maintain consistency between the different creatives in a single campaign so that the user can more easily recognize the ad and stop to see what else your brand has to tell them. 

  4. Experiment with different image formats before deciding on a graphic line, but always use high-resolution images.

  5. If you use Playable Ads (ads that show a preview of your app to users), make sure the demo is simple, shows users how the app works in a few steps and the call-to-action is available throughout the video.


Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is the perfect place for brands. Before making any purchase decision, the user looks for inspiration with one intention: to discover, to plan... and that process happens on Pinterest. Grabbing the user's attention is easy: visually appealing and original creative. What other recommendations does the platform make?

  1. Use vertical images that meet the platform's specifications. In the case of Video Ads, Pinterest recommends a duration of 6-15 seconds and use a powerful cover image.

  2. Place your brand or product in the center of the Ad and in the foreground. The logo is another element that cannot be missing in your creative, but remember to place it in a subtle way (right corner).

  3. Use concise, readable messages that can be translated into the language of all the target audiences you choose for your campaigns.  Remember that many times the user uses Pinterest without sound, enhance the message in writing.

  4. Remember that the Ad title must have a maximum of 100 characters and the description 500. 

  5. If your Ad includes a link, make sure it is active, loads fast and is related to the content the user sees in the creative.


Twitter Ads

Twitter is based on the "NOW", on being present at the moment things happen and that is what gives quality to tweets. Precisely that quality is what the platform's auction algorithm reads and determines which ads to show to the user. For that reason it is important that you take into account the following aspects:

  1. Create campaigns with a variety of promoted tweets and creatives for the Twitter algorithm to choose which one performs best.

  2. Constantly update the content and creatives of your campaigns.

  3. Make sure your campaigns are clear, transparent, interesting and enriching. Both in message and content.

  4. Twitter is the main platform to start conversations. Use the resource of questions and get the user to interact with your Ad.

  5. Before proposing the creative of your Ad, think about the objectives of your campaign.


TikTok Ads

TikTok has a discovery-optimized interface where the user is participative and open to new ideas. Undoubtedly, it is the platform where your brand should be if you are looking to create a quick and effective impression. Here are 5 recommendations to get the most out of your TikTok creatives:

  1. Use images or videos with high resolution and color contrast. Avoid flat creatives.

  2. Align the aesthetics of your ads with your brand image while taking into account the taste of your target. As TikTok says on its website "Serious brands should have serious ads, trendy brands should have trendy ads, you get the picture".

  3. Do A/B testing with different types of images and videos. Keep in mind that TikTok recommends showing a video of people using your product to give a real push to your e-commerce.

  4. Use short, clear and concise messages aligned with your brand message.

  5. Keep in mind the "safe zone" of your TikTok Ads so that the key message and the audiovisual resource are not damaged. Especially in "App Install" ads where the CTA to download appears 9 seconds after the ad starts and takes up a significant portion of the screen.

Optimize your dynamic creatives with the best practices of each platform or work with our Creative Lab: A team of experts in creative solutions, adaptations and multi-platform strategies. Want to see how they work? Take a look at the assets they have developed for Unicef!


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