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iOS17 de Apple

iOS 17 Link Tracking Protection Impact on Marketers

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. One of the latest developments set to disrupt the marketing sphere is Apple's iOS 17 Link Tracking Protection (LTP). This new feature,...

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data visualization

The Power of Data Visualization: Amplifying Campaign Impact

In today's business world, data is the engine that drives effective decision making. And this is where data visualization comes into play.In this...

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practicas recomendadas mmm

6 Best Practices for Marketing Mix Modeling

Understanding Marketing Mix Modeling is essential for businesses as it enables data-driven decision-making, effective resource allocation, and...

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multichannel selling

Simplifying Multichannel Selling: Leveraging Adsmurai’s Feed Management Tool

Multi-channel selling is a strategy that recognises the diverse ways in which modern consumers shop and seeks to engage them effectively across...

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Pinterest Shopping

Pinterest Shopping: What it is and how it works

Social media marketing is essential today to reach massive and highly segmented audiences, encourage customer interaction and measure campaign...

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google demand gen campaigns

Google's Demand Generation Campaigns: Unlocking Consumer Engagement

In today's dynamic consumer landscape, individuals engage with brands across numerous channels and touch points, accessing them at their convenience...

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google display network

Google Ads Display Network: Reaching a Wider Audience with Visual Ads

In the fast-paced digital era, the competition to capture consumer attention has never been more intense. To navigate this dynamic landscape...

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tiktok music

TikTok Music: The new musical dimension

TikTok in recent years has become a global phenomenon with a profound impact on music and the way we consume the platform. With its unique approach...

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Everything you need to know about Instagram Threads

Social media has transformed the way we communicate and share experiences. Among the many platforms, Instagram has stood out as a favourite for...

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creatividad programática

Creativity in Programmatic Advertising: Finding the Perfect Balance

Programmatic creative enables the practice of data-driven creatives to serve users with highly personalized, dynamic, and contextually relevant...

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