Always improving: new alliances for our fashion and lifestyle customers

Always improving: new alliances for our fashion and lifestyle customers

It is said that everything that does not add up, subtracts. Advertising on social networks is as or more demanding than many other industries (digital or not) in full growth. Leading means selecting the best partnerships.

The unstoppable growth of Online Fashion Retail

One of the fastest growing industries is fashion. Germany, for example, is close (92%) to making online shopping universal, i.e. all citizens with Internet access buying online.

Fashion is the locomotive of this milestone. Nearly two-thirds of German consumers (64%) have purchased clothing or accessories in the past year, leading this retail industry to lead by far the growth in sales, doubling to entertainment (books, DVDs, video games) (36%) or consumer electronics (33%).

In order for the contribution of value for customers to be truly differential, it is sometimes not enough to be an expert in one's own work, but also in the work of the customer himself.

Understanding Fashion and Trends as a Science

When we think of fashion trends, we usually imagine some creative people deciding on the design whims of their next collection in the intimacy of their sewing workshops. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The history of trends is as old as mankind. The asymmetries, the studs, the Stiletto heels, the panties, the psychedelia or even the use of hats have their origin in the evolution of society and communication.

Their generational reasons for being are multiple, some linked to historical moments (wars, crisis), social movements (women's liberation, rebellion of youth), use of new products (nylon, polyester), others for pure popularity (celebrities, cinema) and some even for side effects (the bag was born as a female icon largely when the man stopped wearing it, when the pants appeared with pockets that met the same need).

Understanding fashion is understanding society, its generations, its behaviour and interests.

Information science now provides much more comprehensive access and analysis than it did a few decades ago. Knowledge in turn enables prediction and prediction is one of the philosophies of every industry.

The fashion industry is an art, but also a science. The world reference in this science is the company WGSN (Worth Global Style Network).

Discovering WGSN, the authority on trend forecasting

Founded in 1998 by brothers Julian and Marc Worth in West London, the company has grown (absorbing its competitor Stylesight in 2013) to become the leading authority on global fashion and lifestyle forecasts. It publishes reports on trends, behaviours and social interests and specialises in the translation of sales trends.

Bringing more value to our customers, Adsmurai becomes a member of WGSN

Knowledge based on science, data and experience is not limited to the production area. The excellence and the results come not only from the expertise in the technology and the field of social networks but also in the knowledge of customers, their realities and their businesses.

The reality of the retail world is going through complex times. Achieving results is more critical than ever and requires getting where no one else does. To this end, Adsmurai has a history of pioneering collaborations with world leaders. In 2014 it became the first Spanish company to be certified as a Facebook partner. And now in 2018, the first Social Ads company to be a member of WGSN.

This new partnership reinforces the value contribution focused on the progress of Retail customers. Progress can also be transferred to other industries and sectors. A new way of applying science and knowledge to both state-of-the-art technology and quality of service.


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