Canvas Ads: News you can't miss - Adsmurai

Canvas Ads: News you can't miss - Adsmurai

Seven months after its launching Facebook consolidates its bet on the most creative and complete ads format: the Canvas.

Many brands have experimented with this format combining different visual elements and getting, as seen in another post, optimal results.

Last week Facebook announced the implementation of new functionalities that can increase even more the potential of the Canvas Ads.

Here you can find the main innovations:

New metrics in the reports: now you can exactly know the clicks and time spent by the user on each element of the Canvas.

Custom Audience of the users who have entered the Canvas: it will be possible to generate custom audiences from the users that enter a Canvas as we can generate custom audiences from users that watch a video.


New campaign objectives: suntil now it was only possible to use the Canvas for website clicks or conversion campaigns but from now on it will also be available for Brand Awareness, Video Views and Engagement Campaigns.

→ Talking about video views, when users click a canvas, they will enter it and at the same time the video will keep reproducing on the top part of the canvas.

It doesn’t matter the phase of the brand funnel we are promoting, it will always be possible to take advantage of the characteristics of the format and the results it provides.



New content: now canvas can also include 360º video and link other canvas. Thanks to these new possibilities, the format is even more immersive.

Carrousel and Canvas Ads: it will be possible to acces a canvas from a carrousel, and each card can lead to a different canvas.


The two last functionalities will increase the storytelling possibilities offered by the format, allowing to tell different stories with just one ad and letting users choose the most interesting ones.

Despite the great potential of this format, some brands still resist to use it and the main reason is that they think the creation process is too complicated. As an answer, Facebook will provide advertisers with Canvas templates that will help them choose the visual elements that will work better following the brand objective.

So no excuses and start using Facebook’s star ad format.

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