Facebook Live Polls By Adsmurai

Facebook Live Polls By Adsmurai

Adsmurai offers the format that has been revolutionizing Facebook for the last weeks: Live Polls or streaming polls. Thanks to an own system and through our platform you can start developing polls to increase engagement.

Following the dynamism of the format we have a long list of options to keep developing it. These are the functionalities already available:

  • Choosing a title, number of answers, name of the answers and Reaction that represents them.
  • Position of the options, size and opacity.
  • Customize design and colors of the content blocks.
  • Static Image Background
  • Possibility of sharing it in a Facebook profile, group or page.
  • Time remaining to answer the poll.

And these are the options available on the following days::

  • Video background
  • Use GIFs as identifiers of each Reaction

If you want to start using it, send us your content and we will provide you with the prices list.

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