Live Streaming: how to make use of it in your social media strategy

Live Streaming: how to make use of it in your social media strategy

The real time video broadcast is not a new concept in the digital world, but a thing that has changed about it is the amount of technologies available to make it accessible to everyone.

Thanks to the integration of new functionalities in social networks, any brand, big or small, can plan and implement content streaming in their social and digital strategy. A smartphone, an app and a good connectivity are the only elements required.


Nowadays, the main social networks allow the real time video sharing:

  • Snapchat with the peculiarity that content disappears after a few seconds;
  • Twitter through the recently acquired app Periscope;
  • Facebook thanks to Facebook Live, at first only available for celebrities but now opened to everyone;
  • and Instagram with the implementation of Stories.


Live videos represent a great opportunity to connect with your community, gain followers and generate engagement, but it is necessary to pay attention to the chosen content to be sure to capture users’ attention.

Events are the perfect occasion to tell a story and involve users. Sharing a live event will help you connect with your audience. As with all the content shared on social media, we can’t forget that it has its own peculiarities. If we choose to share the runway of the new collection live it will be necessary to choose different perspectives such as, a blogger doing the streaming, or someone from the backstage, and, if possible, it is always better to interact with the audience and ask them what they want to see.

Another type of video that generates interest is the behind the scenes, because it offers exclusive content and users feel part of something special. Good examples are the ones that show the making of of a shooting or the preparation of the models before the runway.

Another good way to bring your audience near the brand is showing how your products or services are made or prepared, showing all the necessary steps from the design to the selling. Users normally see just the final result, so these kind of videos will make them feel part of the creation process, increasing engagement around the brand.

So, wait no more, surprise your users offering original and different content that represents an added value for them and stimulates their curiosity. Your target will love enjoying of this content and that will increase their faithfulness towards the brand.

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