Metrics and KPIs achieved with Canvas

Metrics and KPIs achieved with Canvas

5 months ago, Facebook presented Canvas, a new advertising format that allowed the combination of pictures, videos, texts and links in order to create a never seen brand experience.

Since then we’ve been experimenting on this canvas, our customers have tried it in their different sectors and we’ve obtained results as successful as these ones:

  • 4% average CTR, much higher than most of the website clicks or conversion campaigns.
  • Users spend around 30 seconds inside the canvas. That means more exposure than any other type of social ad before. 30 seconds is the duration of a TV ad, and in this case, we can guarantee the interest as it is the user the one who clicks and navigates through the ad. The combination of content in an interesting and creative way makes consumers be willing to dive into the message and explore the content.
  • CPC around 0,02€ and Cost per Click to URL around 0,14€. Brand Awareness campaigns, Conversion campaigns...the use of creativity, the way to present the product and the buttons provided can get this amazing costs.

Here you have some Canvas examples so that you can see the options it can offer and we hope it is the last push you need to start doing it in your Facebook strategy.




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