Music Stories: new format exclusive for Spotify and Apple Music

Music Stories: new format exclusive for Spotify and Apple Music

In the last years Facebook has embraced different content formats and has become the king (or a very hard competence) in all of them. Their best asset? Being a social network with millions of daily visits.

Pictures go viral, 100 million hours of video are reproduced everyday  de horas de vídeo son reproducidas cada día competing with the giant YouTube, and this week we have known that Facebook drives more traffic to external websites than Google. Now it is music’s turn.


In 2010 started the alliance between Facebook and Spotify and they came to an agreement to integrate it in the social network. Until now it was possible to share songs and lists, log in with your Facebook account, identify your friends and their lists. Now they’ve gone further.

This initiative together with Spotify and Apple Music is called “Music Stories”. It is a new functionality only available for iOS and iPhone that allows sharing songs or lists from both platforms in an interactive way. Let’s see an example:


In the desktop version the format offers a list of songs from an album or list and users can select one and listen 30 seconds of it. In the mobile version songs appear as a carousel and with a play button we can listen to the fragment. In both cases there is a button to listen the whole song in the original platform: Spotify or Apple Music.


Even though the publication of “Music Stories” is only available for iPhone or iOS, any user that sees the publication can share it on its timeline and it will keep the same format.

But the most interesting thing is that it is possible to make Facebook ads with the “Music Stories” format. The publication appears like a normal post in the profile or fans page so it can be boosted in order to get new users and registrations in the destination platform. Because apart from Facebook’s feelings, sometimes music is the best way to share how we feel. We hope it works well and expect to fill up our timelines with music.


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