Product Update: Publishers

Product Update: Publishers

We present the first specially thought out function allowing publishers to optimise their Facebook ads campaigns.

Due to the large number of daily posts on the publishers pages, it has become necessary to create a fast content administrator. It improves efficiency and maximise results. It helps to organize information that is usually difficult to compare at the first sight on the original Facebook platform.

Our admin Posts dashboard allows you to have an eagle-eye-view of all posts. Information about total and segmented organic and paid kpi's appeared. From this initial screen you can filtre the posts by date, type... and also include or exclude posts that contains a photo, video or even a link. Once you have filtred the posts, you can organise them by the following measures: reach, engagement or clicks. In this way, you receive clear information about the type of content that gets the most remarkable results.

Filtre by date, format... Filtre by date, format...

In addition, publishers are able to promote the post that is working so well in just 3 clicks. This innovation will be included for existing campaigns.

Promote any post in just 3 clicks Promote any post in just 3 clicks

Only on existing campaigns, you will be given the option to: Stop the rest of your adverts within the adset, generating a creative rotation without having to leave the campaign panel.

Generate a creative ads rotation easily Generate a creative ads rotation easily

With regard to improving functionality, you are also able to automate post promotion according to the performance shown and the interests of the publisher.
And don't forget to include Instant articles to your adsets!

Ask here more info about our tool or let us manage your campaigns. Managing large quantities of content will no longer be a problem!

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