Think vertical!

Think vertical!

Two of the prevailing trends of the last few years have been confirmed this 2016. We talk about an increasing video consume on social media and the massive use of smartphones to surf the internet. As Estudio Mobile by IAB Spain says, more than 84% of internet users have a smartphone and accept spending on average 3 hours and 23 minutes daily visiting websites, apps, social media,etc. through their smartphones.


As consequences of these two trends we are being witness of how vertical video is gaining importance in brands’ creative strategy.

Horizontal videos make us use all the available recording area but the truth is that when we watch these videos from our phone, they appear really small in our screen and it makes it compulsory for us to rotate the phone in order to watch it better. Let us not fool ourselves, recording a vertical video is easier and it is more natural, as it is the way we usually hold the phone.


This is exactly what social media or apps like Periscope or Snapchat realised, where content appears vertical and full screen. And they are opening people’s eyes in the sector. Even YouTube or Facebook have recently actualized their smartphone apps in order to include vertical videos. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is betting for total immersion content, through Instant Articles or the ad formatCanvas. By now, vertical video on Facebook is only available for a small group of brands and it has already left us some creative options. 

All this potential will be developed in the next months and we know for sure that video is going to be the king format and it will be vertical, live and immersive. Adapting its proportions to fill the whole space, who knows what we can achieve? We are looking forward to discover all the possibilities it will mean for brands.


So, you’re warned, when thinking in your future videos THINK VERTICAL!


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