We provide Instant Articles!

We provide Instant Articles!

Last April 12th Facebook opened Instant Articles to all publishers and now you can also make Instant Articles with Adsmurai. If you are interested in this product but you have never dared to take the plunge, we are the ideal partner for you to start offering your content in a fast and interactive way so that you can generate new audiences and retain and improve the presence of the one you already have.

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¿Why should you install Instant Articles?

  • 31st March Facebook announced that they have 1,51 billion mobile active monthly users. In addition, more than a half assured that they only enter the app from their mobile phone. That means a lot of mobile phones and a lot of users to reach.
  • Visual content on Facebook is stronger every day, it doesn’t matter if they are pictures or videos, so many companies include it in their articles. The problem comes when it takes too long for an external website to load the content and the user abandons the reading. Instant Articles improve users’ experience and make it faster and more interactive.
  • Increases the rate of repeated visits. An attractive content without the penalisation of the loading time make users more predisposed to visit it twice to read it again, show it to someone else or even read other articles increasing the traffic of your website.
  • Content published as an Instant Article is 15% more shared so it increases the organic reach of your publications and there are more possibilities of turning a sporadic reader into a regular reader.
  • You can track them. Facebook lets you include a Google Analytics code or a code from any other tracking platform like Chartbeat, Parse.ly, Adobe Analytics, Nielsen, SimpleReach o comScore.
  • You can earn money from it. Instant Articles allow adding ads through the Audience Network. Every 350 words Facebook allows an ad. If it is internally managed you can earn the 100% of the inversion; on the other hand, if Facebook manages it, you will receive the 70%.

Combining Instant Articles and Facebook ads is a winning bet for your business. For any doubt about it don’t hesitate and contact us.


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