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Adsmurai Enhances its Analytical and CRO Team with a New "Attribution" Technology


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Barcelona, 11 July 2023 //

Adsmurai, a technology company specialized in strategy, optimization, and measurement of digital marketing campaigns, is pleased to officially announce the incorporation of a new technology, "Attribution," to its analytical and CRO team. While the product is new to the market, Adsmurai has been actively working on similar projects and pioneering advancements in this field for a considerable period of time. This expansion strengthens Adsmurai's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for data-driven digital marketing success.

“This achievement marks a key milestone for Adsmurai as, for the first time, we are equipped to address the complex issue of attribution at a large scale. This innovation arrives at a critical juncture, as industry demand is high. In recent years, privacy policies have been tightened, making user data more challenging to obtain, and the advertising industry has become increasingly fragmented, further complicating matters. This significant advancement not only complements our offerings but also consolidates our vision of Adsmurai as an essential platform in the decision-making process of the digital marketing professional” Guillermo Bernat, Chief Strategy Officer.

Adsmurai's new Attribution technology aims to revolutionize the way businesses measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns across multiple channels and specific advertising platforms. By incorporating Attribution into Adsmurai Marketing Platform and complementing it with the expertise of data analysts, the company empowers clients to gain deeper insights into their advertising performance and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.

In today's complex digital landscape, understanding the true impact of marketing efforts is crucial for making informed business decisions. Adsmurai's advanced attribution models, combined with the analytical prowess of the team, provide businesses with the precision and accuracy they need to attribute conversions to the right touchpoints and achieve their marketing goals.

Key features of Adsmurai's Attribution business line include:

  • Enhanced Analytics: The integration of attribution into Adsmurai Marketing Platform allows businesses to consolidate data from various sources, providing a unified view of their advertising performance. This comprehensive insight enables better analysis and decision-making.

  • Customizable Attribution Models: Adsmurai offers customizable attribution models that allow businesses to identify the most effective advertising channels and touchpoints. This data-driven approach empowers clients to optimize their campaigns and increase conversions.

  • Expert Data Analysis: Adsmurai's data analysts leverage their expertise to extract actionable insights from vast volumes of data. By analyzing and interpreting the results, they provide valuable recommendations to improve advertising strategies and drive business growth.

Recently, Adsmurai has achieved a new badge as a Meta Business partner, which boosts the Attribution technology. This badge recognizes Adsmurai's seniority in offering data services and grants access to valuable resources, including self-serve tools, educational materials, and API support.

As a badged partner within the Meta Business Partners program, Adsmurai is committed to providing top-notch services and expertise to clients, enabling them to leverage the full potential of their advertising efforts.

“This partnership with one of the major technology players in the industry, Meta, allows us to go a step further in the great challenge that brands face in terms of measurement and attribution. From Adsmurai, we keep looking for the best ways to help our clients with their challenges in the most efficient way thanks to our technology and expertise” Hermán Velayos, Global Strategy & Innovation Director.

With this incorporation, Adsmurai continues to strengthen its position as a leader in digital marketing solutions. By integrating Attribution technology into the Adsmurai Marketing Platform and complementing it with expert data analysis and partner recognitions, the tech company empowers businesses to make data-backed decisions and maximize the impact of their advertising efforts.

For more information about Adsmurai's Attribution business line, please visit:


About Adsmurai:

Adsmuraia technology company specialized in strategy, optimization, and measurement of digital marketing campaigns. Its mission is to drive real growth for brands by combining top talent and innovative solutions.

Born with the vision of making a positive impact on people through better advertising, Adsmurai is headquartered in Barcelona and has four offices worldwide. Since 2014, the company has brought together over 300 digital experts, creatives, and developers, making it one of the few companies worldwide with official partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Google Premium, Pinterest, and TikTok (in addition to its collaboration with LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter).

Following the recent acquisition of Zinkdo, a consulting and organic content agency, and the consolidation of the Search, Programmatic, and Creative departments, Adsmurai positions itself in 2023 as a leading force in the digital market, focusing on diversifying its full-funnel services.



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