International Lookalikes: finding the right target in new markets

International Lookalikes: finding the right target in new markets

Already 3 years ago, Facebook launched Lookalike Audiences as a targeting tool for advertising campaigns. As seen before, Lookalike Audiences are targets similar to the people that already follow or have connected a brand, or have taken an action in their websites in a concrete country.

Until now, in order to create a Lookalike Audience of a country it was necessary to have at least 100 people from that country connected to the brand. However, with the last actualisation it is possible to extract the characteristics of a target and apply them to any country.

To create this international lookalikes we will start uploading a Custom Audience with a list of emails from users around the world.

Once uploaded, Facebook will extract the characteristics common in all the members of the list, without making a country division, and we will make a Lookalike Audience by choosing this Custom Audience and choosing the country where we want to advertise.

Like this, with a single list we’ll be able to create similar targets for any country and identify the most related target for the brand in new markets.


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