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Social Media Cheat Sheet for 2023

Picking the right platform, for the right audience & the right objective is probably the main challenge for digital marketers. We have created a Social Media Cheat Sheet to guide the planning process for your 2023 paid media strategy.

Let’s get deeper!



With over 2.700 million monthly active users, Facebook is a platform for traffic and reach you should consider in your digital marketing strategy.The audience is mainstream and global, aged 25-54.

While it's a great platform for all brandsFacebook Ads campaign work especially well for local shops, B2B companies and non-profit organizations.

If you want to increase your performance, try using popular hashtags, customer service and visual content. 

Photos and videos, link clicks, word of mouth and event registrations are the best performing content on Facebook.

Facebook is recommended for Upper - Mid - Low funnel.

To create a community, here are two great tips for the Facebook audience: Publish consistent and engaging content and boost posts.

A new feature to take into account on the platform is the Conversions API.





Also from the Facebook group, Instagram is for interaction and brand building. Although it is changing and going more mainstream, audience is between 18 and 35 years old so mostly Gen Y & Z. 

Its monthly active users reach more than 1.220 million people. Turning Instagram a great platform for all brands doing m-commerce. Especially for lifestyle and visual products.

To boost your performance try foot traffic, world-of-mouth awareness and engage with the audience. Also to build audience try to show products in-action, create a visual identity and include influencer marketing & User-Generated Content in your strategy.

Instagram is recommended for Upper - Mid - Low funnel.

Photos and short videos, link clicks, word of mouth and brand identity are the best performing content on Instagram.

A new feature on the platform is Instagram Collabs.



If you're wondering why advertise on Pinterest, let us give you some reasons why you shouldn't miss the main platform for discovery, inspiration and planning.

With over 459 million active users per month, Pinterest is one of the social platforms to consider before starting to develop your advertising strategy. It is a very niche platform with an audience between 18 and 35 years old. 

There are 5 factors that your brand can combine in ad campaigns to make Pinners -Pinterest users- consider your content: visual appeal, relevance, positivity, originality and actionability.

To boost your performance you should also try keywords on boards, high quality images and enriched product pins. Infographics and inspirational content are the best performing on Pinterest.

Pinterest is recommended for Upper - Mid - Low funnel.
It is a particularly good platform for restaurants, design, weddings... Although any vertical inspirational content can have great results. In fact, benefits such as high impact, reaching new audiences and evergreen content are what you will get if you try Pinterest Ads for your e-commerce.

A new feature to take into account on the platform are the Idea Pins.



If Google's strategy is part of your Paid Media strategy means you have search and conversion goals. Google is the largest search engine on the internet.

Considering that there are almost 4.39 billion internet users, the number of Google users worldwide is nearly four billion. That's why its audience is mainstream & global.

A great platform for SEO and local marketing. You should also optimise your feed for Google Shopping. 

To be successful with Google Ads it is essential that your campaigns are faithful to the content offered on your website. Take a look at the format too! There is always an ideal Google ad type for the action you want to develop: text, responsive, image, video, product, catalog or even call-only ads.

For audience building: with affinity audiences, you can connect someone's search intent with their tastes.

Google is recommended for:

  • DV360: Upper - Mid - Low funnel

  • Search: mid - Low funnel

  • Shopping: Low funnel

If you are willing to run a campaign on Google don’t miss our how to get started with Google Ads article available now on the blog.

A new feature to take into account on the platform is the Performance Max Campaigns.



TikTok is the platform for engagement, virality and User-Generated Content.

TikTok has over 1.200 million monthly active users. Targeting on TikTok will allow your brand to reach Generation Y, although this is changing rapidly. Generation Z and brands are becoming two powerful targets.

To boost your performance try using personalised effects, starting hashtag challenges and native video and sounds. TikTok best practices also suggest to diversifying your content to stand out with your ads, creating different TikTok formats to get more engagement. 

To build the audience: use the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) strategy in your ads and create the need for users to know more about your brand. New trends are born every day. So choosing trending content and hashtags will multiply your brand's reach.

TikTok is recommended for Upper - Mid funnel.

The new features of the platform to take into account are:



Snapchat is for virality and engagement.75% of its audience is basically millennials and generation Z. It reaches a monthly active user base of more than 540 million people.

t's a great platform for hot, interactive content. In fact, to increase your performance while advertising on Snapchat offer creative content to stand out your products. Also try using filters and videos for more engaging content.

To boost your performance, connect with your audience, as well as help you build your own brand identity to create brand awareness.

To build audience: create new brand-focused filters through to engaging hashtags that spark community.

Snapchat is recommended for Upper - Mid funnel.

Snapchat's goals should be to reach out to the community and share viral content. That is why the key formula for Snapchat Ads is entertainment + virality.

The new features to take into account on the platform are:



YouTube is for coverage and high value content, especially if you use effective video creatives. In fact, platform is great if your campaign’s KPI is video views.

YouTube's monthly active users are more than 1.7 billion people. 77% of the audience is between 15 and 35 years old. Another interesting fact is the daily consumption: more than 100 million hours of video and about 694,000 hours of video are broadcasted every minute.

To boost your brand's performance, keep in mind that the content you post on YouTube ranks on Google and gives your brand more presence on the search engine. So don't forget to relate the product or service in the ad to the content of the video to target a much more specific audience.

To build audience: use a consistent video strategy that focuses on viewer experience and customer satisfaction.

YouTube is recommended for Upper funnel.

YouTube In-Stream videos are content that allows the user to link directly to the point of purchase. 

The new features to be taken into account on the platform are:



Let's talk now about a trendy platform. Twitch is #1 for streaming. Also if your marketing goal is coverage, Twitch campaigns should be considered in your paid media strategy.

Twitch's monthly active users are more than 140 million people. The platform has developed a niche and young audience that is between the ages of 16 and 34, although it is changing and becoming more mainstream.

If you are looking to stand out from the competition, Twitch should be your platform. Try Twitch to show your expertise to the audience - it's 100% upper funnel!

To build audience: you must constantly do live streams as the content is volatile as well as being different format-wise to attract attention.

Ads on Twitch cannot be skipped and that translates into very high viewing rates. Other tips are to be regular, create online events and pre-roll ads.

New features to watch out for on the platform are:

  • Twitch Rivals

  • First impressions takeover

Twitch platform


As you can imagine, Linkedin is for online networking. The audience is mainly professionals and businesses. The monthly active users on Linkedin are more than 875 million people.

The platform is ideal for employer branding, link clicks, event registration, lead generation and traffic to your website. There is also another purpose: the partnershpis and industry authority of those who use Linkedin. 

To increase your performance, try prospecting, promotion, content sharing and news sharing. Don't forget keywords. Other content tips include visual content and email campaigns.

Linkedin is recommended for Mid - Low funnel

Audience tips for your Linkedin ads are: Avoid hyper-targeting and A/B test your audiences for efficient targeting.

New features to take into account on the platform are:

  • Sponsored content

  • Lead generation form


Last but not least, let's look at Twitter. This is a real-time customer service and information platform with a large, global audience. The platform offers greater value to brands that want to promote their products and connect with an active audience. Twitter's monthly active users are more than 345 million people, with a large number of users between the ages of 18 and 35.
Twitter is a very low advertising saturation platform and this means that the CTRs achieved in campaigns are good and sustained over time. 
To boost your performance try to mix content (conversations and multimedia), retweeting, replying and engaging. 
The platform is ideal for opinions, conversations and customer service. You can also try to build your audience by tweeting more often and using hashtags.

Twitter is recommended for Upper - Mid funnel.

There are multiple Twitter Ad campaign objectives but if you're looking for reputation monitoring, topicality and visibility, Twitter is your platform.

The new features to take into account on the platform are:

  • Timeline Takeover

  • Branded Hashtags

Want to get deeper? Download a full cheat sheet about Social Media and get your ads strategy ready for 2023.


Social Media Cheat Sheet 2023

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