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Dynamic Ads for Retail

When talking about digital advertising and sales, we first think about e-commerce. But we can’t underestimate the importance of digital channels that influence sales also in physical stores: 49% of these sales are conditioned by what users see on digital media*.

Facebook is so conscious of this reality and keeps enhancing formats and functionalities that help brands promote in store sales.

A prove of it is the evolution of the Local Awareness campaigns, that since September 20th can be optimized by “Shop visits”. The new metric will give real time information of the estimated store visits thanks to the information provided by the geolocation services on mobile devices.

In addition, in order to make ads more relevant, Facebook has introduced Dynamic Ads for Retail. The big idea is to take advantage of the great results obtained on e-commerce and bring it to stores.

Many brands already create Facebook Ads in order to increase in-store sales but til now there was no way to personalize each ad with prices, product availability or different promotions of every store. Now, thanks to Dynamic Ads for Retail it will be possible to link the product catalogue of each store to the ads. That means that users near a specific store will be shown the products available at that store, with the real price in the specific store and considering their special promotions.

Here you can see how this format works.

Ad creation: in order to drive users to a physical store, the brand must indicate the address of the store and the radius of action, for example, 3 km around the store. If the brand has more than one store, it is necessary to inscribe all of them and their own radius. In addition, as it happens with Dynamic Ads, it is necessary to upload the product feed of the brand but this time, individually for each shop. Different stores can have different products or a different stock. It will be automatically actualised every 24 hours thanks to the direct connection to Facebook.

Dynamic Ads for Retail

Ad launch: the ad appearance in the user’s feed is a normal carousel, once active with a 3km radius, users inside that area will be impacted and will be able to see a selection of products available at that store with a real stock. It is also possible to add a card with a map so that users can easily find the store, and this map can be seen without leaving the ad. The call to action button will drive to a screen where you can send a direct message to the store, add a product to cart or even buy those products online. This way, even when the main objective are offline sales it is also possible to generate online conversions.

Dynamic Ads for Retail


Thanks to dynamic ads for retails brands can scale campaigns in order to generate in store sales and avoid deceptions from potential customers if a product is not available.

Contact us to discover the best way to link online and offline and get relevant and measurable results for your brand.

*Report by Deloitte

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