Flash Offer: How do you create a short sales campaign on FB & IG?

Flash Offer: How do you create a short sales campaign on FB & IG?

If you want to create a flash campaign, avoid thinking that the main objective is to sell. Even if this surprises you, strive to stand out among all the content, achieve reach and visibility and, as a result, you will get sales.

Be clear that on certain dates when it is usual to do this type of campaign, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day, it shamelessly increases the volume of competition and will make it more difficult to achieve your aim. We are going to show you how we set up a short campaign performance so that you succeed.


Flash Performance Campaign Flash Performance Campaign


Let's create the barebones of the campaign:

Campaign Settings:



Choose lifetime bid: you want to sell to the maximum number and you're not bothered by stability of the expenditure invested, be sure to prefer that Facebook optimizes the cheapest cost to get the maximum sales.


It is not time to test. Use audiences you already know and that are high quality like retarget, custom audiences, lookalike and / or fans. Here we're going to talk more about Custom and Lookalike audiences.


In Instagram, unlike Facebook, it takes more for the user to leave the platform to go to a website, so the percentage of clicks or sales is usually lower. However, there are appropriate formats in order to enhance the campaign such as: single image or collections.

It is also true that the results can vary greatly depending on the hierarchy of the product. If you work with fashion, decor... interests very much in line with IG, then, yes, the move could turn out very well. If this is true in your case, don't exclude and try both platforms.


Instagram vs Facebook Instagram vs Facebook


Optimization & delivery

Manual or automatic bidding: in manual you run the risk that another bid exceeds yours and so your ad doesn't show. If you choose this option, make sure you set a bid much higher than what Facebook recommends.

Unlike Google, however high you put the bid does not mean you're going to pay that, but you can win bids up to that price.

Optimization: it is possible that if your audience is not qualitative enough, that's to say it's not very broad and/or does not often buy, you are not going to throw the campaign away; you won't have to spend. If it happens to you, you have a solution: optimize clicks (you'll increase traffic and probability of buying) or another idea that works well is in "Conversion", under link the target event, instead of marking "purchase", mark "Initiate check out "or" Add to cart ".

Type of delivery: at the start, we do not recommend you use Accelerated Delivery. The consequence will be that costs are going to shoot up since Facebook is not going to optimize properly.



Here are some examples and recommendations:


Desigual Flash Offer. Carousel and Video Desigual Flash Offer. Carousel and Video


  • The key message of the campaign "Flash Sale!" both the title and the text should be repeated.
  • It transmits urgency "while supplies last", "last units", "Only valid until 23:59".
  • Focus both creativity and texts on product.
  • Use a couple of different formats to test the one that works best. On Facebook, carousel or collections work very well.


And to finish, shoot up your sales:

While the campaign is active, stay tuned for everything that does not work and evaluate closing it.
And if it has worked for you, you can always use the mythical "We're extending for 1 more day!".

If you use dynamic ads, rest assured that they will significantly increase conversions. But, if you also personalize the products you offer, customize the images and exchange all this information with a well-honed target, you will be the king. 

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